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Korean Skincare Routine

What Are The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine?


Step 1

Oil Cleanser


Use this in the evening to remove makeup and sunscreen effectively. Oil cleansing is part of Korean's 'double cleanse' skincare routine, then followed by water base cleanser.

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Step 2

Water Base Cleanser 

(Morning And Night)

Use a water base cleanser to remove any remaining residue from skin. Leaving your skin feeling refresh. 

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Step 3


(One To Two Times A Week)

Removing dead skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin. A clearer skin for better absorption of other skincare products.



Step 4


(Morning And Night)

Balance the skin's pH levels. Korean toners are different that it helps hydrate the skin preventing from dry and dehydrated. This step is important for better absorption of the next products applied. 



Step 5 


(Morning And Night)

Take an adequate amount into your palm and gently pat it into your skin for better absorption. It's perfect to hydrate your complexion and cell turnover for a youthful appearance. 



Step 6


(Morning And Night)

Has higher active ingredients to target specific skincare concerns. Such as whitening, anti-ageing or acne. It's here that you can change the types of serum/ampoules you use to specific skin concerns. 

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Step 7

Sheet Mask

(Daily Or Twice A Week)

Key to the Korean skincare routine. You can personalise the skincare routine depending on your skin concern. Such as whitening, anti-ageing, brightening or hydration. Allowing the skin to absorb all the nutrients.

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Step 8

Eye Cream

(Morning And Night)

Gentle tap using your ring finger to apply the eye cream. The skin area is so delicate and is more prone to wrinkles. It's very important to keep the area hydrated and prevent wrinkles. 

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Step 9


(Morning And Night)

Keeping the skin hydrated all day long. Applying to the face and neck. There are different types of cream, emulsions, gel to suit your skin type from oily to dehydrated skin. 



Step 10

Sun Protection


Essential part of the skincare routine. Sun protection should be applied throughout the year, not just in the summer season. Apply in the morning daily to face and neck to prevent UV rays and avoid skin damage as it could develop dark spots and wrinkles. 

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